Headlights, people! Maybe it's because I moved from an always-cloudy to a seldom-cloudy city, but Texans scare the heck out of me with their adamant refusal to turn on their lights when any sane person would. Headlights aren't for seeing the road--that's what street lights are for--they're for being seen.

Sharon's Rules for Enlightenment:

  1. If you need your windshield wipers, you need your headlights.

  2. If the sun is less than 20 degrees above the horizon, you need your headlights.

  3. If the air becomes the same color as your car, you need your headlights.

  4. If it is so foggy that the only things you can see are the street lights, you need your headlights.

Say no to phantom cars!

Gee, I feel better.

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