I'm dressed for winter.

There's a big thunderstorm, and the sky is dark—conditions a co-worker ominously described as "tornado weather." Ever since that car accident, I've been really skiddish about driving in the rain here (people are stunningly dumb about rain—I'm on the highway in total white-out conditions from the spray, and people don't have their headlights on!). I keep having sympathetic nose pain; the memory of the moment of impact is gonna stick with me for a while.

So the storm had me feeling uneasy and cold. I grabbed comforting clothes. Now, here I am, in Texas, in June, wearing a long-sleeved, hooded t-shirt, my Grandpa Joe flannel shirt, and jeans. My only concession to summer is my sandals.

You know, that "ull" syllable is really rediculous. There should be some standardization. I mean, sandal candle label—what's up with that? Let's pick something we can all agree on. I suggest "ull." That would make those syllabulls much more spellabull. Don't you agree?

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