Usually, I figure, how different can Texans really be from Pennsylvanians? I mean, sure we joke about it being a separate country here, but peoples is peoples. Right? Hmph. Lately I've been having my yankeeness thrown in my face, as I am repeatedly aggravated by the mañana attitude that pervades the service industry. I'm finally getting some movement from my apartment complex about the leaks and resultant mildew. The "leak specialist" should be out today. Then they will clean the ducts on Monday. Later in the week, then (I believe), the carpet pad will be replaced, the walls patched, and the carpets cleaned.

Jon and I are planning another IKEA run tomorrow. It's a sickness, I tell you.

On Tuesday, we watched Drowning Mona, which was preferable to the farce they were calling a news broadcast. (Is it ethical to report "projected" winners for states when less than 3% of the precincts are reporting, and the polls are still open in half the nation? And are we really going to have another week of "This special bulletin just in! We have nothing to report! Now back to your regularly scheduled drivvel..."?) Drowning Mona has a brilliant cast, an abundance of Yugos, and weak editing. It includes the only cinematic car chase with a rolling start. It's, um... it's a movie, it is.

Tonight we're going to the Bad Dog Comedy Club to see Margaret Cho, who was featured on a MODE cover a while back. In the article, she talks about being asked to lose weight for her sitcom...where she plays herself. Hm.

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