Merry Yule, dammit: Three, three irritations for the price of one. It's a forwarded email, it's Christian drivvel at work, and it's revisionist symbolism. Some charming Dellite sent me a story in which Santa Claus lays out all the symbolism around the "Christmas" tree, the holly wreath, and the candy cane. Funny how that candy cane symbolism differs from that described in the little card attached to a candy cane a different co-worker gave me (and your argument carries more weight if you accompany it with food). But for crying out loud: So you appropriated our symbols. Big whup. But do you have to pretend that they stand for your mythology?

Yes, I suppose you do. But what the hell does this mean: "Teach them that the part of Christmas we can see, hear and touch is much more than meets the eye." Um...yeah. It's what meets the ear and finger, too.

Blame it on PMS.

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