"Family" is not synonymous with—or restricted to—one man and one woman, having sex they don't enjoy to produce children we don't need. These politicians preach religious intolerance, homophobia, racism, and classism in the name of protecting the sanctity of family. You don't need to protect it, y'know. Even if it became acceptable to be gay, men wouldn't flock to the boys' locker rooms in droves. "You know, honey, I thought I loved you these past 20 years, but I realize now that, the whole time, I'd been pretending you were a woman." Have you seen how hairy Jon is? My imagination isn't *that* good. The heterosexual way of life is not in danger.

Now, if you really want to keep society from degrading, take a pro-family stance—real families. Offer support infrastructure for single parents. Protect gay parents from hate crimes. Reduce the production of unwanted pregnancies. Take a broader view of what makes a viable family. Teach love.

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