If you want to see Sharon yell and get all red in the face, tell her that you support legislated violation of her body. In other words, vocally subscribe to positions held by the Anti-Choice movement, the professional medical community at large, or insurance companies.

Why is this on my mind right now? I happened to click on a blog in Blogger's "recently updated" list because it had an interesting name ("Cheating Death Once Again") and read Lola's post of things she's learned while working at Planned Parenthood. Yes, go there. Read that.

Now, before the hate-mail starts pouring in, please allow me to explain that I am pro life. I mean, duh—who isn't? Only a sociopath. However, while I value human life (and all life. I'm a pagan, after all.), two other drives trump that one. First, I want to live in a world where there are no unwanted children, where no child has to grow up neglected, malnurished, addicted to drugs, or resented. A big part of that is education, a closer bond between parents and teens, an emphasis on loving families (not man-woman-lotsababies families. Just loving ones.), and ready access to contraception. The other part, though, is the right to treat my body as an extension of myself, as my body. (Y'know, we'd have fewer unwanted babies if we cut off your penises. Would that be alright with you? No? I can't see why not...) And the second drive that seats me in the Pro-Choice camp is a healthy fear of my government. Let us never forget that in the Constitution, the States granted rights to the Feds and asserted that anything left unsaid was then reserved for the States. And please, we don't really want the Federal Government permitted to legislate our morality, do we? Really? So Bill Clinton could teach your sons about fidelity?

No, I thought not.


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