I had a dream this morning that I broke my wedding ring. It hurt.

Yesterday, we went to see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It is quite ridiculous and filled with swear words, but it was kind of charming and rather fun. I dig Kevin Smith, and it's nice to see him succeed. We then had to go rent Clerks, of course. We didn't get to watch much of it, though, because a big thunder storm came up (finally! Rain!), and our DVD player is Jon's iMac. We prefer to unplug the computers during storms. We found out that a few more of our windows leak, but at least the floor seems dry.

Speaking of shoddily made apartments, I had the coolest idea on Saturday: I'm going to propose to my apartment complex that I make them a web-based "trouble ticket" system for their maintenance requests. Residents log in, create a request, and can then follow its status. I'm still trying to decide how I'd like to be paid. Above all, I'd want the following two things:

  1. Define what "a reasonable amount of time" is in a Service Level Agreement.

  2. Answer—just acknowledge—my requests in that amount of time.

Beyond that, a month without rent would be nice. Or, better yet, 10% off each month. But I really want this system to happen, so I won't mention money unless they're really enthusiastic. I swear, just getting the god damned sink fixed (since January!) would be payment enough.

Apartment complexes really do think they're in a different kind of relationship, here in Texas.

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