Now, may I move the news a bit more local? Our Toastmasters club contest last night, about which I was so worried, went swimmingly. All the competitors performed very well, and the site was nice, and we had lots of audience members. It was really great. And, I won the humorous speech contest. Now, since Jon won his club's contest, if we both win at our respective Area-level contests, we will go head-to-head at the Division. I can't wait.

My manager said I can go home, and I really think I might. When he walked up to my desk to say he might reschedule our afternoon meeting, I was in the process of looking at photos and crying. So he suggested I go home. I really want to finish up this project, but I'm obviously not working on it, right? Dang, I wish I had a laptop. I put in a request yesterday. Yeesh, I'm not even being coherent here. I should go home.

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