Oh, gee. My goofy friend Fred doesn't tell me these sweet things about being at my wedding. No, he tucks them on a weblog with no links to it, and I stumble upon it, trying to find some scrap of his writing on his site by sifting through site index listings. Perhaps this is like opening someone's medicine cabinet, but I want to share. He talks about all his difficulties in getting there, and then says:

Because none of that matters. I got to see Sharon and Jon, who I haven't seen in over a year, and I got to join them on one of the most important days of their lives. That's worth a trip from anywhere. It's certainly worth a little awkwardness.


So, Fred, polish up that blog and get it ready for public consumption. At least, if you put an "index.html" file on unreality.net, I won't be able to peruse your directory structure unsupervised. And why should you write a blog? (Tell Claire she's a dork.) Well, I write to (1) keep my hand in, keep writing; (2) efficiently tell my friends how I am; and (3) say all the things to my annoying coworkers that I'm not comfortable saying out loud. Heh, you could have a Kuoblog, along the lines of "can you believe these guys are for real?"

But I was looking for stuff on your site because I miss you.

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