There are some days when there is simply too much to report on.

The only thing I can grasp onto right now is: The Twin Towers are gone. Throughout my school years, we took many class trips to New York, and the first, most recognizable landmark, signalling that we were finally almost there, is the Twin Towers.

And they're gone.

I'm staggered by how many people have died, and I'm frightened of what this might be the beginning of. If nothing else, it'll be a lot tougher to get through airport security. ...See? I can't really face this. But, using Blogger, some folks have put together a site of breaking news, photos, and personal prayers.

I'm intellectualizing, I know, but this is interesting to me. I am impressed by the planning and the effectiveness of this attack. The coordinated plane hijackings took real planning. And, while the Pentagon was also attacked, note how much coverage that is getting, compared with the World Trade Center. The latter is a very effective attack on our morale. I'm horrified, but I'm intrigued. I think I would like it very much in a novel. I just wish it could be fiction.

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