What an empowering weekend!

A little bit ago, after a longer than expected search, I got a copy of Klutz Press's Body Book. It's recipes for facial scrubs, hand moisturizers, foot soaks, bath salts, and so on. And on Thursday I finally got some of the ingredients I need: a coffee bean grinder (that will never be used for coffee beans, since those overpower other things you would grind), oatmeal, and mint tea. So yesterday evening, I gave myself a complete facial. I started with an oatmeal, yogurt, and lemon juice scrub (drippy gooey fun!); then had a ten-minute peppermint steam (tea bags in a bowl of hot water, face over the bowl, towel over your head, making a tent to catch the steam); followed that with an oatmeal and honey mask (eww, but lying on the floor and breathing for fifteen minutes was well worth it); and finished off with a toner made of witch hazel and peppermint essential oil. Pink and smooth and clean!

Amidst all of that, I've read about a third of the Cunt book. It is fantastic. I keep getting all pissed off and riled up, but she addresses a lot of the things I've been concerned about—birth control pills are poison, feminine "hygeine" products line the pockets of men who don't think of me as a goddess, and, while PMS is real, it doesn't have to rule my life—and gives some solutions and alternatives. Condoms plus a rigorous understanding of your body, your cycle, your changing fluids, and the appearance of your cervix equal birth control, empowering reproductive control. Girls and boys should read this book.

And it just makes me love Jon more, because he does respect me and revere me as a woman and encourage me to grow and develop and stretch my independence.

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