When I finally put my head back together after getting beaten up on a national scale, I then get beaten up on a local scale. We're planning to make a fight to be released from our apartment lease. The mold is terrible, and they let the residents below us move out. We visited another apartment complex, and we're just beside ourselves with longing. It's so nice. The apartment is big and dry. And they have a commitment to address all maintenance requests within 24 hours. Can you imagine? It makes it that much harder to stomach the current place.

On top of that, something is fishy with our package delivery. Jon's sister sent something addressed to our old apartment; we never got it, but "Jonathan Leistiko" signed for it on August 27th. So. UPS is crooked, the apartment complex is crooked, or the people in our old apartment are crooked. Once I get confirmation of details from UPS, I'm going to swing by the old place and then file a complaint with the police. Can you believe this crap? Makes me wonder how many of our other gifts have gone awry. My mother shipped Jon two packages over Christmas, while we were still living at the old apartment, and they never arrived either, despite UPS asserting that they had been delivered. The companies she'd ordered from were gracious enough to resend, but clearly that was not where the breakdown occurred. I'm so pissed off. Use DHL.

I also didn't win the Toastmasters Area Humorous Speech Contest. I came in second out of three. I'm so dejected. I really wanted this win. I got a second place at last year's contest, too.

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