Alright, girls (and anyone else, for that matter). Time to protest the only discrimination still permissible in America. Shallow Hal, opening in theaters on November 9th, is one, long, useless fat joke. Tell Fox we will not put up with this garbage. Tell them that size discrimination is unacceptable. Tell them that fat jokes are dumb.

So here's what we need to do. Write to:

Tom Rothman

President of Film Production

20th Century Fox

10201 W. Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, California 90035

Tell him what you think of his portrayal of women as objects of ridicule--as objects, really.

In this movie, short, fat Jack Black and short, fat, bald Jason Alexander are presented as plausible swingers. Never mind their stature, they are respected as actors and as comedians. Laughed with, if you will. Black is hypnotized to see only people's inner beauty, so--and here's the laugh riot--he--get love...with a FAT GIRL! The horror. Audiences are then expected to laugh at his plight through countless slapstick gags: What a rube! He doesn't know he's dating a fat girl.

And because audiences have not been similarly cursed, we don't even get to have a fat girl get the supporting role. Instead, to show us the beauty Black is seeing, the job is given to demure, slender Gwyneth Paltrow. I liked her. I feel so let down.

Why should you care? Because gorgeous babes like me are told by the fashion industry, the diet industry, the film industry, the television industry, the cosmetic industry, and lots more that we should cover our bodies, hide ourselves away, become thin. And perhaps if all women would just get thin enough, we'd disappear altogether and stop giving them a hard time.

This is an affront to all of us. Get pissed!

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