Shortly after the 11th, little flags appeared poking out of many of the cubicles here. It was touching. Since that time, one group down the hall has begun to get competitive with their patriotic display. One row has streamers obscuring the entrance; when the streamers flutter in the breeze created by someone passing by, one can catch glimpses of the red, white, and blue plastic they have laid over the floor. Another row has two twin towers at the entrance, complete with spot lights focused on them from the floor. The towers are made from gray cardboard and have the flags of many countries stuck to their faces. There are some vague words about diversity and unity. One tower has a tall antenna on it, complete with a red, blinking LED. Both rows have streamers and flounces overhead.

It's troubling, really.

Every day, I am presented with this mindless display of patriotism, a reminder of my neighbors' hungy slathering for war. With anyone.

People in Austin—in Austin, Hippie Town, Live Music Capitol of the World... Austin—bombed a mosque. People are harrassing Arabs. People are harrassing South Africans because they're too ignorant to even get their racism straight. Television channels are showing mindless pro-war propaganda. Newscasters are interviewing FBI agents to hear their rationalizations for racial profiling.

How, how can you wave a flag over that?

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