provides logins to free sites

that require registrations.

Their FAQ explains why.

At last,

I can read NY Times articles.


Fred said...

Thanks. There's a Philadelphia Daily News article I've wanted to read for the past couple of days, but they ask for just about everything but your firstborn. I'm perfectly okay with registering if all it means is e-mail address, maybe some quick demographics, and even name. (Newspapers aren't free in the real world, after all, and it's not that inconvenient.) But there's absolutely no reason why they need my mailing address just so I can read one article.

Faith said...

If I'da known, you could have had my NYT login. I've had one since before they required lots of personal data, so I'd have been happy to share. (FWIW, NYTimes doesn't email / bug you.)

But in general, I *love* the idea of BugMeNot! Thanks for posting the tip.

Fred said...

Yeah, I'm reasonably sure the only e-mails I've ever gotten from the New York Times are the ones I've asked for. They used to offer (and maybe still do at a cost) a service where they'd send you a notice if a story with your specified search terms popped up.

Faith said...

Of course, Google will now do that for you for free!