Cube-dwelling etiquette question for you:
When two generally
(and often specifically)
irritating people
yell over the wall to each other
with a question that neither can answer,
should you:
a) walk over and politely volunteer the answer,
b) join in their charming low-tech conference call,
c) keep your peace, since ignorance is bliss and they don't really want to know anyway,
or d) tell them to shut the fuck up because some of us are trying to work and already know how to use our damn email program?
Just wondering.


Faith said...

How about B, but conveying D very clearly with tone of voice?


jal said...

e) Wait for one of them to leave his/her cube. Walk over to vacant cube. Delete said e-mail program from computer (since the user probably didn't secure his/her computer before leaving the cube).