Software Estimation, A Parable
Question: If it takes one woman nine months to have a baby, how long will it take two women?
Woman's Answer: Nine months.
Manager's Answer: 4.5 months.
Developer's Answer: 12 months, since she's a junior developer. (Get it? Junior Developer? Ha!)
Executive's Answer: Can't we outsource that?


Anonymous said...

Well, two women together? They could have twice as many babies in the same amount of time. On the other hand they need a small amount of male contract labor initially, to help "finish the design". :)

Are you trying to tell us something? *ducks*

"Mount St. Helens should have used earth control."

Sharon said...

That I work in a shop that thinks doubling the project team will halve the development time? Yes.


Zallekin said...

Ah yes, that ever-present male capacity for innuendo. To wit, "I'd like to finish her design..."

Good luck with the team dynamics.