A note for the pro-gun-control liberals:
Never forget,
the second amendment
grants us the right to defend ourselves
against our tyrannical government.


Anonymous said...

You just keep getting cooler, Sharon. :)

Fred said...

Or maybe just more Texan? It's funny how often the whole "A well regulated militia" part of the 2nd amendment falls by the wayside, isn't it? From where I'm sitting, that would seem to actually be *calling* for gun-control. And remember, the amendment was drafted in the days when a few well-placed muskets between you and yours *was* enough to defend against the government's tyranny. Nowadays, despite what the NRA might sometimes tell you, even assault weapons won't do that. (The government, they went and got bigger guns.) Are we going to extend "right to bear arms" to include tactical nuclear devices, tanks, et cetera? Because the government -- they've got those.

So yeah, I'm a pro-gun-control liberal. I don't think it's necessary, or even wise, to ban guns outright, but I do think it's wise to impose at least some kinds of restrictions. Gun-control is how we defend ourselves against those who would abuse the second amendment.

Meeker said...

When a person is inducted into the military they take an oath to defend the nation "against all enemies forigen and domestic". Air superiority baby.

Sharon said...

"Or maybe just more Texan?"

That's an ad hominum attack, Fred. The rest of your argument may be fine, but when you start with a personal jab, I'm disinclined to even read it.

I've _always_ been anti-Federal government. I debated hard and furious for the second amendment when I was in high school. In Pennsylvania.

Fred said...

It wasn't meant as an attack or a jab, just a dumb little joke. I wasn't trying to imply that, oh yeah, of course you feel that way now, all Texans do. (Or at least I wasn't doing so in anything approaching seriousness.)

And you know, even if all Texans did feel the same way, that in itself wouldn't mean you were wrong. (Being wrong does that. ;)) I try hard not to dismiss arguments out of hand because I disagree with them, much less because of where the person who makes them is located, geographically.

So again, just a dumb joke, for which I apologize.

I'm still pro-gun-control.