Open letter to DVD menu designers:
Make your hotspots large.
Some of us navigate with mice;
some of us use the fussy, spotty IR remotes
that come with projectors
and are less responsive
than a ten-year-old arcade joystick
with soda spilled into it.
I should be able to click on the whole word
and a good range of pixels around it,
not some cute green circle
the size of Janet Jackson's nipple shield.
Thank you.


Dave Menendez said...

Hear, hear!

While we're at it, can we cut down on animation? I want to use the menu, not be entertained by it.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, and no more bad sound loops. Let the music be ambiant at the menu.

"Evil is lemon scented."

jal said...

I could do with an entertaining menu. I just haven't seen too many of them.

I'd also be happier if there was an option to turn off the music and animations.

Not making the words themselves clickable though.... That's just inane.