Oh, this just got a whole lot easier. Blogger makes it stunningly easy to add to this page from any internet terminal—for free. Kudos to them.

Because the timestamp is automatic, I'm not sure how to recreate items I had had on here before. Therefore, I shall recap items that were on the old incarnation.

I'm in Texas, and life is good. Invisible City Productions is looking spiffier and spiffier, and we have a blog (one of these) there, too. Because of ICP, you can get to my homepage using http://www.invisible-city.com/sharon/. Jon and I are expecting a webcam, purchased with the Christmas gift certificates from Grandma Sandy (thanks!), any day now.

Happy belated birthday to Jen Kennedy (I called!). I think matte white nail polish is just groovy—highly recommended. Tell me what you know of Diazepam (4mg/day) for treating vertigo (I'm skeptical).

My words of the day, from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary are:

  • obnubilate: (tr. v.) to muddle (from ob, to get in the way; and nubilate, pertaining to clouds)

  • nugatory: (adj.) trifling, inconsequential

  • desultory: (adj.) (1) unplanned, without purpose; (2) off-topic; (3) sluggish (from the Latin, desultorius, which refers to the way a circus performer jumps from horse to horse (they have a word for that?!))

  • calumniate: (tr. v.) to malign