Yogi Tea

"Stomach E-Z"

helps a lot.
My friend Ben

is very strange.

You don't understand.

I need chocolate.
From AggieCon:

Neil Gaiman could read the

phone book,

and I'd listen. I'd wait in line to listen.

Best Fangirl Moment:

"Oh, that was you?"


Miss me?
Overheard in my cubicle farm:

"You have to think outside the box."

"But I'm going in circles!"
My manager is not my manager.

My team is not my team.

My job is...

now half my job.

My world has just changed.
It is warm and sunny outside.

I am not outside.

"Nervous," defined:

Eating pizza in a white sweater.
Jon's at work.

I'm trying to program.

I don't want to.