Hey, hey, hey. One year of blood-letting, just for you!

(Since the date of inception is actually Leap Day, when I think my blog is 21, will I suddenly be told by a band of pirates that it is actually five and a little bit o-ver?)

actually, I just like toying with your emotions

So, it turns out, the reason BlogVoices was causing my page to load soooo slowly is that it was on a bum server. That spiffy guy Ev, of Blogger, moved it to another server, and things are hummin'.

Comment away, my friends!

Saw two incredible movies over the weekend: Wag the Dog and The Truman Show. The first is excellent political satire that seems awfully plausible...too plausible. *shudder* It was the most I've ever liked Robert De Niro, and Dustin Hoffman was clearly having a great time. The second was social satire (guess that's the theme for the weekend). Jon says it's the movie that redeemed Jim Carey for him, but what I found most enjoyable were the finesses in writing, editing, and directing. Attention to detail made this film.

Also this weekend, I finally sat Jon down and showed him Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas. We sang along with the otters and shed a tear for Jim.

Lastly, I've had some success with my adventures in PHP and MySQL. It took some struggling, but I managed to install and run MySQL and actually create a table out in my database on my webhost's servers. Then I created a PHP page to query the results from that table. This should be available at www.cichelli.net/sql.php3, but the domain name servers don't seem to have replicated everywhere, since I see my new page at work but the old one at home. Therefore, you can try going directly to the IP address:

The Thought of the Day from the comic strip Kevin and Kell:

Those who are mentally and emotionally healthy are those who have learned when to say yes, when to say no and when to say whoopee.

— W.S. Krabill

Removed BlogVoices again. It's not that I don't want to hear what you have to say; it's that the load on their servers makes my page take forever to load. I opted for speed over functionality.

So I'm a developer. Sue me.

Never mind the rumors. I've still got a job.


I have to post something to this blog--my readership demands it! Or, well, they would... But I'm feeling too harried to sit and organize my thoughts. In brief: Parents were here; we had lots of Texan fun, and I miss them. | Work is making me do lots of things that aren't programming, and that makes me sad. More programming will start soon, though, as my app has passed through its final review unscathed. | I'm trying a new webhost for cichelli.net, one that allows me php (server-side scripting) and MySQL (a free database), but they're making me unhappy. I asked about the MySQL part, and they said, "Right away, ma'am. Email me your password." Um... what? I'm having a geek standoff with tech support. Hmph. Escalation shall ensue. | New apartment does not leak, but apartment kitchen sink does. Still. For a month. And the Assistant Manager gave me a hard time about checking "No" on the little satisfaction survey. C'mere, missy, and I'll show you why.

See? This is why I'm not posting. Hormones. Grr.