Why do we use

terms of endearment

with harsh words?

"Yes, Dear..."
Guess who was picked

to say grace last night.
Christmas with the neighbors

is awesome.
Merry Christmas, yo.

I love you guys.
Talked to everybody on the phone.

*smile, sniff*

Lost my voice.
"As Development Lead, I...

led the development."

I am so not good

at writing self-assessments.
Pictures from the

Trail of Lights.
Why I love the Drafthouse

(Number 87 in a series):

When I ordered a cup of tea,

they brought me honey.
The hobbits make me cry

every time.
Hobbits in 5.5 hours!

Hobbits in 5.5 hours!

Variations on a theme:


is not a verb.
You don't mind being a


for me, do you?

make me hot.

Got a new project in the works...

have gender.
The hobbits make me cry

every time.

That's the best I've made out

at a White Elephant ever:

Ray Bradbury anthology.

Now that's friendship.

You strain your back

and can barely bend over.

You certainly can't

put on your shoes and socks.

So your friend does so for you.

Thanks, Toshi. *sniff*

forget the manual.

Just read my freakin' email.
And now the sun is shining.

I don't get this climate.
And then it grows darker...
Alien landscape:

Thick, obscuring fog

and lightening!
Terms of endearment

from my sweetie:

"Thanks for not liking

stupid, useless junk."

I can't imagine

this blog is particularly engaging,

but it sure is cathartic.

Thank you.


something to read

when I'm bored.

Or boring.
It never ends.


is not a verb.
Guilty confessions:

"If I complete a task

that's not on my list,

I'll add it,

and then check it off."

"Me, too!"
Lest you think I am all

gloom and doom,

I've gotten a ton of stuff done

this morning, and I'm feelin'

pretty fly.

noun — successfully resisting

the urge to start an email,

"Your piece-of-shit application..."

Ah, the paragon of

interpersonal relations, that's me.
Some days, it's hard not to rampage.

Email from senior manager:

"You only show 35.5 hours

for week ending 12/1...

Please complete and let me know."

Salaried-exempt, my ass.
I wrote a song!

I'll see if I can make

an mp3 for you.

My fingers

have to heal first.
Passed in the hall:

Christmas tree

with CDs poked onto the branches.

Tee hee,

Praying's fine,

but you've also gotta do.

Make peace,

locally, globally,

now and always.
Watched X-Men again last night,

just because Hugh Jackman

makes my toes curl.

Not that I'm bitter.
I wonder what it sounds like

to the other people on your call

when I club your

speaker-phone-using ass

with the device in question.
Winter's hard for everybody,

In light of recent events,

I'm thinking all we need

to vault ahead

is a little advertising.


Our sex is consensual."



too full.

to heck with it.

Let's go grocery shopping.
cold + rainy

= sleeeeeeepy.

Anyone have use for a

sleepy Sherbie?
Jon and I had the best vacation!

We saw the sights

in our own home town.

Relaxing, fun, restorative.


is not a verb.



No complaints...
It's hard to like someone

after modifying his code

and his support docs.
Cube neighbor has dumb, naive kid

who is on the phone

all the damn time.

Today's lesson:

Buying a used car.

I got a paper-cut

with the cover of a 3-ring binder.

I am wounded!
But my code is done.

My code is done.
I slept for 8.5 hours last night.


Ah, bliss...
I'm in disbelief.

Code has been locked down.

Someone's installing my files

into the test environment

Right Now!
Or, rather,

I feel like I did

when I was in college.
I feel like I'm in college.
SELECT blog_post FROM stuff_to_say

WHERE content NOT IN



no results found.
For a radical change of pace,

I came into work today.


tell me a joke or something,

It's Sunday again, so

Final Count:


'Course, I'm still here...
For those following along at home:

Hours worked since Sunday:

It seemed like a good idea:

In a glass of Coke-a-Cola,

non-dairy creamer

sits on top of the foam

and won't dissolve.
Because I am morbidly curious:

Hours worked since Sunday:

Got to the top of the

vertical wall!

(With a little help from my friend.)
That Beatles song,

"Eight Days a Week"

makes sense now.

Hours worked since Sunday: 56.
If I could just get over

this silly addiction to sleep...

I'm going cold turkey.
The end is in sight.

And I mean that

in a good way.
But I did

work out

again today!
Terrible habits:

I've got some kind of mental block

against eating the last dregs

of whatever's on my plate.
You only have to sign in

after hours.

The security guard

remembered my name.

On the up-side,

I am learning tons.
No, no, see:

"Checks and balances"

isn't referring to your

*blink blink*

What genius!

Prevent multiple submits

by making the on-click event

first disable the "submit" button.

It's what the YACCS code does.

I have a dream journal?

(More sleep = more dreams.)
Good sweeties

are like antacid.

They also reduce the risk

of homocide.
There's no typo

like a typo etched in glass.

Worked out at the gym over lunch!

Then had left-over steak.

Portable computers

can be left behind.

Something strange has happened.

All of the 11s were too big.

The 10s fit.

I have shoes.
Seven hours

'til rock climbing.
Burritos that don't leak

rock the Casbah.

Woe shared by speaker phone...

Oh, you poor person.

If you'd let it dry out completely

before attempting to turn it on,

it might have worked again.
Project Idea:

content, navigated with "go east,"

"go up."

Not a game; exploratory literature.

Like, "Let me show you my house,"

or "My Brain."
Did I ever mention

the time I met Neil Gaiman?
The mighty wind,

if contained,

is naught but air.

(Inspired by Meg.)
Tee hee,

rock climber lingo.
Tweaked a hip

but flashed a pitch.

It was a good day.

Should I be concerned

that I prefer

Trident For Kids?
Met at the rock gym today:

Diversity training today.

Happy birthday, Mommy.

I remembered, honest I did.

Bother Texas

and its 70-degree Octobers.

I heart

the "Peter Gunn Theme,"

as performed by Art of Noise.

Wah-uhn wah-uhn wah-uhn wah-ah...

is not a verb.

Thank you.
Straw poll Jon was conducting:

In your opinion,

what are the 5 best

movie comedies since 1970?
Pelted by stones,

I thought the windows might break.

Hail storm at midnight.

Thunder and lightening, too.


is not a verb.

Thank you.
He climbs while I spot.

Then I climb while he spots.

Collaborative success.

Rock climbing as a metaphor

for marriage.
I'd rather be

rock climbing.
Because it's not a topic

you can address in seminars.

Because my hometown

is more diverse than this one.

Because you don't respect

my diversity. I don't want to go.
This week, three men here

have suddenly gone

yellow-flower blond.

Did I miss a memo?
You people know stuff like this:

Who composed and performed

the theme to Futurama?


1. 1.

2. 0.

3. Yes. And old children.

4. Imaginary Year

5. The internet, probably.
Today's exercise:

Relinquishing control.
Won't somebody say hello,

even a little?
You can not put in enough

hazelnut non-dairy creamer

to make even a passable


Oh, how I suffer.
If your cell phone rings again,

I will answer it.

Clearly, there is urgent news.
New favorite:

Creamy Clean&Clear Concealer

with salicylic acid.
What work is like:

Went grocery shopping

to calm down.
I don't know how

to inspire you.
Opened the sun roof this morning.

New movie forming in my mind,

The Story of a Man,

set to the Beatles One album.

I have your Christmas present.

(Wait long enough,

and it's early.)

I sent you mail.

I miss you!

Write me, baby.
There's another blog

on my list.

They're breeding.
They like me.

They really like me.

Or my web work, anyway,

which is good enough.
Um, here.

Hold this for me.

(Well, it is

little pieces of paper

after all.)
I wrote a piece of JavaScript,

and it worked on the first try.

Who knew?
Dad is 58 today.

He wrote to say that

the average age of

the Rolling Stones

is 58.

Rock on, Dad.
As a matter of fact,

I do feel better

after that.
Things not to say

during morale committee meetings:

"Stop talking,

you arrogant, useless, grouchy,

nasty, fatalistic, whiny,

externally motivated SOB!"

I'll tell you where to stick that fish...
I'm behind.

Of course.

Think fast,

programmery thoughts at me.
Where could I find

an elegant chess clock

(analog, windup, wood)?

Thanks, ever so.
I'd always thought

Texas wouldn't have

a flu season.

Revisiting some fond memories:

My parents' big Texas visit

I hate typos I can't fix.
Once again,

proving that I am special:

I blue-screened WinXP.
Code snippet, found today:

End If

' End Hack

It's not Toastmasters.

It's a Toastmaster.

I am counting the minutes

until December 31.
The HEB coupon slogan

doesn't work so well

on all products.

"Trojan brand condoms:

Go Home A Hero."

Gift idea:

Distant Suns

They want to call me


Do I buy this?

Sounds like horoscopes to me.
I am falling

I think

in blog posts.
Taking a cue from kids' drawings,

I submitted the prototype with

"by Sharon, age 26."
URLs have replaced

last names

for identifying e-quaintances.
Alone, alone,

All, all alone.
Bulletin Board: "T_E FISH COMMITTEE"

She: "I need another H."

Me: "Remove the 'T_E.'"

Why is she arguing with me?
A 15" flat-panel

for $250...

But is it essential?


Good friends

and hours on the lake.

Should've skipped

the karaoke, though.
Team off-site today.


and karaoke.

I nearly forgot.



I'm posting again.

Please come back.





on a jet plane,

in 8 hours.

Can you tell

I don't feel like

getting started?
My commute


American Pie


And We Danced
Welcome to the world,

Catherine Elizabeth Walden.
Amendment I
Amendment II
Amendment III
Amendment IV
Amendment V
Amendment VI
Amendment VII
Amendment VIII
Amendment IX
Amendment X
It is way past time I read

Stranger in a Strange Land.

Not that I need any more books.
My mailbox is over its size limit.

And they send emails to tell me.

I propose an alternative:
Print-your-own coupons

are brilliant.

Coupons are free anyway,

to get you to try their wares,

and now: no printing costs.

I stand in awe.
Oh, wait, that was you?

So I think I've created

a monster.

Who knew?

was fun to write.

(Iambic sticks inside your head.)

No more movies.

Going outside now.
Seen Most Recently: Waking Life

Beautiful art.

Lots of philosophy mumbo jumbo

(watch it with a smart friend

and pause it a lot).

Very Austin.

do you live here yet?
7-day rentals

are a lovely thing.
More Recently Seen:

Tremors 3

Two words:

"Ass Blasters."

Delivers as expected.

We love Michael Gross.
More Seen Recently:


Good horror. (3 screams)

Weak sci-fi.

Wondering just what

all the buzz was quite about.
Seen Recently:


Intense, gripping, intelligent.

Psychological thriller.

Highly recommended.
Oh, joy!

MPR archived

the Gaiman interview.

Today is my day, baby.
Like a present on a Thursday:

Realizing I'd forgotten to read

two posts

from Imaginary Year,

and reading them back-to-back.
Aren't I

too old to get

poison ivy?



Minimalist F5:

1. Programmer. It found me.

2. Novelist.

3. Programmers. Um...

4. Just between career and a life.

5. Either the tasks are hard, or

the boredom is hard, never easy.
Four-hour staff meeting.

I have lost the capacity

to think.

Talk amongst yourselves.


MPR keeps their broadcasts

for only a week.

I never had a chance

to catch the Gaiman interview.

The reward for completing a task

is another task.
Neil Gaiman

on All Things Considered

second hour on Thursday

Jon And Sharon Week has begun.

One-year anniversary,

and it's been a great year

with a great friend.
The key to Corporate America

is saying "Fuck you"

as politely as you can.
What we have here

is a failure to communicate:

1. Red 97 Honda Accord, MINE!

2. I only drive.

3. A hybrid.

4. Chastened speed demon: 1.

5. Passenger in many.
There's something

morally satisfying

about being at work

at this hour.
Woah, Nelly,

big lightening!


(ctrl+s, ctrl+s, ctrl+s)
How to make it rain:

Get baseball tickets.




Being late to appointments

is a form of lying.
Because I said so.

an opportunity!

Got a new manager today.
How can I be the baby programmer

for two years?!

I'm preparing my resume.
Scott Adams

has tapped my phone.

Resolving those stickler issues

is so satisfying.

Yeah, baby.

Free samples in the cafeteria:

Tastes like fizzy,


Otter Pops.

Sent my heart racing. Blech-o.
friday 5

1. Italy, Germany, Scotland, England.

2. Italy.

3. England, I guess; been there.

4. I am a mad pizzelle maker!

5. 1st: Decl. of Indep. signers, etc.

Latest: Great-grandmother; Italy.
Look, this is simple:

If every heading

starts "1."

then the whole document

can be bumped out a level.

Am I the only writer here?
A tip for brides:

Hold your wedding

near an airport.

I don't mean right near;

just in the same town.

At the upcoming Dillo Con,

it might be time to ask

Warren Spector

if he's still offering.

It would sure be different, anyway.

Sailed through every green

on the way to work this morning.

Better question:

For how many days

will I keep typing

the old password?
How many times today

will I type the old password?

Email sigs in a dropdown list;

stepping into a new personality.
Friday 5, briefly.

1. 2/29/00.

2. Recap of pre-blog; new vocab.

3. What's up; Phlebotomy; this.

4. B; tempted to roll my own.

5. I read to keep up with friends.
Theme party ideas:

Jellical Ball

Victorian parlor games

Ice-cream buffet
Ah ha! Google knows all.

Why that "stay or go" song

always sounds like "The Globe":

Same front-man,

one sampling the other.

(Guess which I heard first.)
40% of these "pieces"

should be left justified.

Yet here, it's 10%.

Odds are weird.
Pissed at Toastmasters

and all I gotta do,

I ask Merriam-Webster's

for a word of the day.

Longanimity. Heh.

Huge, scrolling, gas station sign

on the highway to San Antonio:




Oh, wait. Diesel. Right.
So he says,

"I'm in Texas!

Come visit!"

Sheesh. Yankees.

(It was so worth the drive.)
10/1/02 CIO Magazine:

"[People we've selected]"

excel through the

"masterful application of

20/20 vision."


20/20 is just average.
If it's gotta be male,

I wouldn't mind if it were

this guy.

have you?
A compromise

with unexpected results:

In my decaf Earl Grey tea,

the cinnamon non-dairy creamer

is surprisingly wonderful.
Scott McCloud,

rather irresponsibly,

named his children

Winter and Sky.

Sky McCloud?

Is that inspired, or cruel?

For a movie,

Minority Report

is really enjoyable sci-fi.

I'm impressed.
Hello to my friends in .

(Cute trick found on not.so.soft.)

Getting my inbox down to 30

was so short-lived.

Dave... Ellen...

An improvement over Steven?

Given the way y'all keep asking me

for explanations for Steven,

I'd expect so.
Here are the folks I met last night:



Prentiss Riddle,

and blogless Rob.

And Jon was there, too.
Note to self:

do this.
Hallo, MeetUP friends.

Cool discussion last night.

Web trends, electronic music, writing,

in a hip coffee bar with bubble tea:

I felt very Aughts.
From years ago,

a quote that lingers in my memory:

"Aw, piss.

I tore my cheese cloth."


it's about

finding how you fit,

and yes,

Finally. Finally!


An on-line quiz that doesn't say

I am boring and old.

That's Little Miss Naughty

to you, buster.

I am so pathetic.

Marxist puns.

Or, rather, puns about Marxism.

Or, um, whatever.
I am wearing

my kitty hat.
Rock climbing (in a gym)

last Saturday.

I feel so studly.

Or is that sore?

So many of my blogs aren't publishing.

I'd thought I had too many,

but now I miss them.
I probably don't need

to point this out,

but I have very silly friends.
Scrapbooking my wedding photos,

reliving beautiful events.

What are you doing

if your document contains section

...Creating software specs

inspired by Microsoft processes,

Comfort food

of the new millennium:

Decaf Earl Grey tea,

soy-based creamer.
A little brown-green gekko

greeted me this morning.

"Sometimes fate

looks like

a dirigible."

Dumb but funny,

posted just for Meeker:

Military no-nos.

Re #128: Yay!
Overheard in my Texas cubicle farm:

"Yeah, we did some fireworks."

"You ever try the, uh,

artillery shells?"

Zen and the art of

web design
Former manager leapt into my cube,

clapped me on the back,

"Been hearing such

good things about you!"

and was gone.

*blink blink*

A philosophy of punctuation,

shared around amongst readers

of this blog.

Now I'm all hot.

Comments system

seems to be off-line.

Problem is on their end.
Etiquette question:

A co-worker just asked to borrow

my $900 digital camera

for two weeks

in Germany.

Mrr?! Is it okay to say no?

The walkway between buildings

is flooded up over my ankles.

Good thing I have extra shoes.
And this makes four.

Secret Agent Man
My kitty hat

was delivered last night!

I imagine pictures will be up soon.

I'll let you know.
Flash-flood warning around town.

What do you do

about a flash-flood warning?

I am so unprepared.
Hm. I don't think I conveyed

what I meant,

on 600 seconds today.

It's the diary of a man

with no short-term memory.

First heard about it on PBS,

like, a decade ago.
Having a pretty effective day.


Not much new here.


Why must software "wizards"

be plagued with dumb

cartoon drawings of wizards?

When was that cute?
My lurking Meeker tells me

there are many Watchmen.

I'm talking about the comic book,

by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.
Lemme try this:

Watchmen discussion,

with spoilers.

(Good book; go read it first.)
Recently finished The Watchmen.

Which is more important to you:

Personal freedom

or peace?

Honest, personal posts;

commenting system.

Pick one.


the internet is over


Note to self:


and my damn script works.


Yesterday was a big day.
I am now

an Advanced Toastmaster, Bronze.

You may all address me as

"My Lady."

Second baseball game


last night.

Nice evening;

boring sport. Gad.
Checking my webpage

to look for comments

makes sense.

Checking in Blogger

(for a new post?)

does not.
*blink blink*

Who blithely picks up the phone

to call Austin

from China?

Addicts' conversation, simply:

"Go down?"


Another smoke break.

is making

my head

Going to a

baby shower


Holy cow.
A corollary to live by:

Any technology

distinguishable from magic

is insufficiently advanced.

from the Jargon Lexicon

The web's gone quiet.

Too quiet.
It's my anniversary!

Two years at Dell.
Stealing an idea from Ben,

which he stole from a book,

I give you:

600 seconds
Look, Austin,

this is simple:

Fail to drive like an asshole.


I've got a pamphlet, if you'd like.
New dream post:

Maternity suit riot
What a great idea.

Makes me want to cook.

Or maybe just write about it.
Ben offers a writing exercise.

Let's collect entries,

and I'll find a place to post them.

(Ben's blog is a definite candidate.)
"If you look down,

you don't kick as high."


Install done!


and early.
So that was odd.

I needed my husband,

calling me

on his cell phone,

to realize it is raining.


If we forfeit our freedoms,

what, exactly,

are we protecting?
Cross your fingers for me.

Install, tonight.
A request:

Please don't talk

to the fat girl

about her selections

at the vending machine.

Thank you.
I knew if I made too many posts,

this would fall off the bottom.

Envy me.

I can't really take credit,

but I feel like I've enabled

something beautiful to happen.

The best gift I've given a friend:

an outlet.
Words to live by

from my soda bottle:

Pithy preamble eludes me, so:

my friend makes art.
I made it!

YACCS allows 25 new users

every 6 hours.

I feel like Caller 10.
*blink blink*

Beethoven.com is playing

"Stairway to Heaven,"

as performed by the London Philharmonic.

And it's great.
Oh, the Cyndi Lauper dress (below)

was made by Natosha

for the Toastmasters prom.

An email from Japan

addressed me as


the rest of my site is out of date.

When I get some time...

She's so unusual.

(full size)
Okay, the Paperclip,

tossing its eyeballs into a box

every time I save a document,

is just gross.

Argh argh argh!


Today's theme:

Communicating a whole thought

in writing

is not a prerequisite

for employment at Dell.


I'd been denying myself for years.

Back in Chucks,

back to me!

Fare thee well,

Dr. Gould.

I love online package tracking.

Here it cuh-umes...

For tomorrow's teambuilder:

"Submit team names, and I'll pick

the one I like best...

Okay, I pick mine."

Good grief.
Oh, uh, Episode II

slated for Sunday.
Overheard in the Information Age:

"Well, we shouldn't waste

your mommy's minutes."
A lunch

packed with washed and stemmed


He's too sweet.
How... particular.

A string of car thefts,

90s model GMC and Chevy trucks,


Collecting the whole set?
Earl Grey,


h-- well, sugar

--er, actually, Equal,

but close enough.

I don't ask much.

Please just finish running

so that I can verify the install.

Things that make me nervous:

Regarding a doc I wrote,

Program Manager says,

"I mad few grammatical corrections."

Gad, really?

It's been shipped!!!
closed fist potential

a flower bud wound so tight

about to open

Strike one: "She decided to go with."

Strike two: Commenting on it.

Still, it was fun to tell

the original "Little Mermaid."
I'm eating my successors

on the food chain:

I owe many folks mail

and thank-you notes.

Not as a replacement,

I will state here:

I love you and appreciate you.

Sorry for the delay.
A weekend, briefly:


O. Henry Pun Off

Flaming Idiots

Magic show

I've checked my order status

five times in two days.

I wish they had a webcam,

like the preemie viewing at hospitals.

tap, tap. Hiyee...

is 18 today,

and I've ordered a laptop.

(What? No, not Michael. Sheesh.)

in the Detail Planning Phase

of overhauling invisible-city.com.




Hee hee hee.
Hee hee.

An error message

for the rest of us.
My goodness.

I'd fallen off the internet.
Wait, people read this?



Hi, Meeker!
Office peeve:

Being on a conference call

does not mean

you need to use

speaker phone.


Grandma's home.

Tired and dizzy,

but lucid.


make Grandma better.




consolidate everything important,

so that you can lose it

much more efficiently.
Programming like a

mad fiend,

at home and at work.

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.
Yogi Tea

"Stomach E-Z"

helps a lot.
My friend Ben

is very strange.

You don't understand.

I need chocolate.
From AggieCon:

Neil Gaiman could read the

phone book,

and I'd listen. I'd wait in line to listen.

Best Fangirl Moment:

"Oh, that was you?"

From the GAMA trade show:

Print-on-demand is viable.

Las Vegas continues to be repellant.

The Big Shot rocks hard.

Miss me?
They served me

an all-meat eggroll.

Overheard in my cubicle farm:

"You have to think outside the box."

"But I'm going in circles!"
My manager is not my manager.

My team is not my team.

My job is...

now half my job.

My world has just changed.
It is warm and sunny outside.

I am not outside.

"Nervous," defined:

Eating pizza in a white sweater.
Jon's at work.

I'm trying to program.

I don't want to.

Woah, waitaminute!

This blog,

in one incarnation or another,

has its two-year anniversary


Feeling very grown up:

Made a ton of reservations—

plane, hotel, conference (x2)
Had a room full of Toastmasters

shouting "I am awesome!" with me.

I won the speech contest.

we are GO for launch!


Software going live tonight.

I'm so nervous I could pop.

Perhaps the tea isn't helping.
And in the streets

the children screamed...

A dear soul has given me

CTY classics

on a CD!

Did I mention?

I'm logging my dreams

as part of

Like Sand Like Leaves.

But I sent the best one to Fred.
Ate lunch outside!

Rejuvinated, refreshed,

and just a little bit tan.
Geek bliss!

Cable modem,



'cept I can't figure out

how to do anything. *sniff*
Bitch Magazine's

rant on fat jokes.

Thanks, Remi.
King cake has babies in it.

Babies, I tell you!
Theme for today:

Stop talking

two sentences sooner.
Or, really,

more knowledgeable,

as Grandpa Joe

would be quick to point out.
What doesn't kill me

is making me


Welcoming the beast:

We've signed up for cable



it comes from Time Warner.

I'm picking glitter

out of my eyebrows.

Cajun food consists entirely

of seafood.

The other ingredient

is vermin I don't consider

Got a sonic toothbrush yesterday.

Is it inappropriate

to show your co-workers

your teeth?

Oh. Well. I like it,

Brotherhood of the Wolf:

Graphic, gripping, unsettling.

And subtitled.

Wanna see it again.
That's an

Evil Midnight Bomber

reference, by the way,

not an Austin Powers.
And I said:



At 12:34,

I made a wish,

and it came true.
Like tempering steel,

this isn't killing me.
It isn't working.

Saying "Please leave your name

and number,"

always seemed superfluous.

For my friends,

apparently not.

And I had

a faboo birthday.

Party, friends, cake, presents.


Neil Gaiman

answered my letter!

(On Jan 31)
I've never owned

black jeans


I feel stylish.
Hee hee hee:

Saw the Globetrotters

last night.


took me to lunch

for my birthday.

Mardi Gras

is not

a Pagan holiday.

It's the freakin' opposite!

a quarter century.


half a poker deck.
a dream journal

prompted by

Like Sand Like Leaves
No, wait,


I wish I had spare

time and energy

to pull my thoughts out of the ether.
No, wait,

I wish I had a stirring design

in which to say it.
I wish I had something

interesting to say.

computer-illiterate friends

is stunningly trying.

No, not "Start," "star", asterisk, shift-8...
Seeing the

Harlem Globetrotters


A brooding sky

holds its peace,

for now.

is back up.

But I still prefer

the silence.
I wish I had time

to do what I want.

From a play on Saturday:

"Pray that what we are

running towards is what we want."
Imaginary Year

mentions me.

Tee hee.

Impose on your good friends,

and have the party

at their place.
What do you do

when you want to invite

some people from work,

but all people from work

wouldn't fit?


justifies television.
Voicemail is off-line,

though it won't say so

if you call.

Finding other solutions...
Toastmasters says:

I'm a Competent Leader.

As of Tuesday.

It's sinuses,

not a cavity.

Sugar Free Brand?

I eat when I'm bored.

Ben pointed out:

"God made me do it."

Christian? Then it's insanity.

Muslim? Terrorism.
I think,

today anyway,

my water

would better serve

the tribe.

Poetry resources

for Toastmasters project:

Lewis Carroll

Snark hunting

Ogden Nash
Packaging lies.

Instant coffee is awful.
oh my

oh bliss

oh joy!


I can be





plots are afoot
My Toastmasters club

makes me so proud.
Overheard in the cubicle farm:

"...that's secondary,

and the other's thirdary..."
I don't wanna program anymore.

Texan 101

2nd, sing.: you

2nd, pl.: y'all

2nd, sing., poss.: your

2nd, pl., poss.: y'all's
Blowing your horn at 7:20

instead of knocking

is worse.

on someone's manners

is bad manners.
I know they're good for me.

I know.

But greenbeans?

Cardstock and

Shrinky Dinks and Sculpey:

Getting games ready tonight to play

with unsuspecting masses tomorrow.

Talk about public service!

Opt out of the major i-advertisers.

without crust?!

The heathens.
Had a date

with my sweetie last night.

more bliss
Meeting in a different building

+ Sunroof

+ 73 degrees

= bliss
I know where glue comes from:

my head.

Drat this cold.
It's Texas.

You're not supposed to

get the flu in Texas.

How to set a Sherbie trap:

1. Arrange pillows and poofy comforter in pleasing pile.

2. Bait with one sunbeam.
How to slim your waistline

in just one weekend:

new bra.