Which was your favorite birthday,

and why?
Even the toothpicks

are inadequate

for these eyelids.
Watching a stock price

after you sell

will make you insane.
Today, on our front-door-to-be,

there were:

a snail,

a lizard,

and a caterpillar that looks like bark.

And it's so quiet.
Oh, these boys know how to woo.

"Because you're such an active

and long-time Blogger user,

we'd like you to try Gmail."

Of course I signed up.

Yes, on the first date, even.
Why do you have a PDA, Sharon?

Why, so I can play

Atari 2600 games,

of course.


They opted

to go back to Russia.

Something about "SUVs."

Oh, well.
As perfect as Amelie is,

a theater full of kindred spirits

coyly eating creme brulee

is perfecter.
I don't know.

Is it a good thing

that I can work

from a coffeehouse

on a Saturday?
It worked!

Your finger-crossing

worked great.

Thanks, everybody.

Don't jinx it.
Oh. My. God.

Remember the annoying ape

with the phone that plays revele?

It now rings

"Devil Went Down to Georgia,"

with lyrics and everything.

[readies ICBM (Inter-Cubicle Ballistic Missile)]
Didn't want to overhear:

"...water up my nose,

and the Speedo was a little too tight."

Oh, yeah.

Time for coffee.
Define pathetic:

A narcoleptic with insomnia.

I hate Daylight Savings.
A mix-up in paperwork.

Trouble with INS.

Maybe next week...
Oh help. Ack.

iTunes gift certificate from Dad.

Frozen into inaction for 3 months.

Finally made a decision, made a list.

Free-associated across artists.

Shopping now for over 2 hours.

Orphans tomorrow.

Oh boy!
Eternal Sunshine...

is amazing,




and human.

Delicious sci-fi.
In light of the house,

we've decided

to start a family.

The orphans from Russia

arrive next Tuesday.

Can't wait!