Which was your favorite birthday,

and why?
Even the toothpicks

are inadequate

for these eyelids.
Watching a stock price

after you sell

will make you insane.
Today, on our front-door-to-be,

there were:

a snail,

a lizard,

and a caterpillar that looks like bark.

And it's so quiet.
Oh, these boys know how to woo.

"Because you're such an active

and long-time Blogger user,

we'd like you to try Gmail."

Of course I signed up.

Yes, on the first date, even.
Why do you have a PDA, Sharon?

Why, so I can play

Atari 2600 games,

of course.

As perfect as Amelie is,

a theater full of kindred spirits

coyly eating creme brulee

is perfecter.
I don't know.

Is it a good thing

that I can work

from a coffeehouse

on a Saturday?
It worked!

Your finger-crossing

worked great.

Thanks, everybody.

Don't jinx it.
Didn't want to overhear:

"...water up my nose,

and the Speedo was a little too tight."

Oh, yeah.

Time for coffee.
Oh help. Ack.

iTunes gift certificate from Dad.

Frozen into inaction for 3 months.

Finally made a decision, made a list.

Free-associated across artists.

Shopping now for over 2 hours.

Eternal Sunshine...

is amazing,




and human.

Delicious sci-fi.