When left to my own
devices, strange things occur:
pumpkin scrambled eggs.


Reducing clutter:
The Holy Grail of lifehacks.
Spring stirs my spirit.


Tight green potential.
"Put me in, coach!" each leaf cries.
Exuberance blooms.


When not at your desk,
please set your phone on silent.
"Jar Jar" is too much.


When planning a trip,
maps are the Rosetta stone.
Google trumps again.


What I really need
is quiet. Sun. Space. Not you.
Fate makes us neighbors.


Can I write just one
three-line summary of life
each and every day?

This needs to evolve.
The hassle of logging into Blogger, etc.,
is enough of a deterent,
that nothing I have to say
really merits the bother.
I have a satisfying outlet at Invisible City,
so perhaps I will move bits of this there,
and focus on cultivating that space.
Still thinking about a haiku-a-day, though.