I'm more of an art officianado than I'd thought.

I was explaining to a friend why my pal Jesse's costume is funny. To summarize, there is this huge metal sculpture on Penn State's campus that we have affectionately dubbed "FROH," for "Fighting Red Onion Head." (Look at it; it'll make sense. No, the name, not the sculpture.) Now, FROH had always reminded me of another huge metal monstrosity in Allentown, home of my youth. And here, today, in that Collegian article linked to above, I find that the same artist and the same donators are responsible for both sculptures.

I recognized somebody's style!

And they're following me. If I see one in Austin, I'll let you know.

What the heck kind of a word is "tater tot" anyway? I mean, "tot"? Ew.

Don't you just hate it when people don't update their blogs in forever?

Yeah, me, too.