Oh, joy!

MPR archived

the Gaiman interview.

Today is my day, baby.
Like a present on a Thursday:

Realizing I'd forgotten to read

two posts

from Imaginary Year,

and reading them back-to-back.
Aren't I

too old to get

poison ivy?



Minimalist F5:

1. Programmer. It found me.

2. Novelist.

3. Programmers. Um...

4. Just between career and a life.

5. Either the tasks are hard, or

the boredom is hard, never easy.
Four-hour staff meeting.

I have lost the capacity

to think.

Talk amongst yourselves.


MPR keeps their broadcasts

for only a week.

I never had a chance

to catch the Gaiman interview.

The reward for completing a task

is another task.
Neil Gaiman

on All Things Considered

second hour on Thursday

Jon And Sharon Week has begun.

One-year anniversary,

and it's been a great year

with a great friend.
The key to Corporate America

is saying "Fuck you"

as politely as you can.
What we have here

is a failure to communicate:

1. Red 97 Honda Accord, MINE!

2. I only drive.

3. A hybrid.

4. Chastened speed demon: 1.

5. Passenger in many.
There's something

morally satisfying

about being at work

at this hour.
Woah, Nelly,

big lightening!


(ctrl+s, ctrl+s, ctrl+s)
How to make it rain:

Get baseball tickets.




Being late to appointments

is a form of lying.
Because I said so.

an opportunity!

Got a new manager today.
How can I be the baby programmer

for two years?!

I'm preparing my resume.
Scott Adams

has tapped my phone.

Resolving those stickler issues

is so satisfying.

Yeah, baby.

Free samples in the cafeteria:

Tastes like fizzy,


Otter Pops.

Sent my heart racing. Blech-o.
friday 5

1. Italy, Germany, Scotland, England.

2. Italy.

3. England, I guess; been there.

4. I am a mad pizzelle maker!

5. 1st: Decl. of Indep. signers, etc.

Latest: Great-grandmother; Italy.
Look, this is simple:

If every heading

starts "1."

then the whole document

can be bumped out a level.

Am I the only writer here?
A tip for brides:

Hold your wedding

near an airport.

I don't mean right near;

just in the same town.