They're here,

they're here.

I want my mommy.

Oh, hey, lookee that!

Three hours left...
Damn it.

This gets bigger

every time I look at it.

Kudzu bugs, grrr.

Nothing like

new software

to make you feel

really stupid.
Geez, he did it again!

Being a character

in a George R. R. Martin book

is perilous, indeed.
Picking up parents

in 14 hours.

I am subsisting on



and nerves.
Table Topics question for ya:

If you could,

what would you tell

your five-year-old self?
Ah ha!

The reason I always misspell


is "epitome."
And now, a haiku:

Just ate a cookie.

Now I feel nauseated.

You would think I'd learn.

These books!

In ten swift pages,

he killed three main characters.

I am reeling, and engrossed.
Oh, man,

did the planets align this morning.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

when you are not President,

is awesome!
It's hard to keep up.

Tuesday reached 80.

Currently, it is 36.


What? No!

I'm a programmer.

Pro Gram Mer.

Who said I wanted to be

a Business Analyst? Ack.
Reset the p-RAM.
Girl Scout cookies

turn dads

into dealers.
The theme for conference rooms

on this floor is boardgames.


"Off to Aggravation?"


So true, so true...
Nothing like an impossible deadline

to demotivate me utterly.
What are you looking for?

It is too cruel,

having a weather applet

on your site,

when outside, it is 66,

and inside, it is beige.
This worked so well before.

Tell me a joke?
"Electronic paystubs...

except in Oregon."

*blink blink*

We have employees

in Oregon?
Unless you hurl yourself


at the cave for 2 hours,

in which case it hurts in 24. Ow.

But it's a good hurt.
Okay, ow.

Rock climbing hurts

36 hours later.

I remembered my dreams today.
Things that catch you off guard:

The IRS sent only one

1040 form...

and that's the right number.
Like a magic elixer:

Toastmasters meeting,

past president.

I feel great!
Wistful thought

from the third floor:

I could go down there

and dig my toes

into the Sahara

of the volleyball courts.
Why I should seek help:

Customizing WeatherPixie,

it said sunrise was 10 min ago.

I turn around,

and am startled that it is light out.
tee hee

The WeatherPixie

if Blogger were going to fail,

I kinda wish it wouldn't

obliterate my blog when it did.

But I understand why it does.

user-generated errors

are my favorite kind.

Easiest to fix.

*relieved sigh*
I think

this year's element

shall be:

Dexterity defined:

Clasping a bracelet

on your own wrist.
Guilty pleasures:

I like being Grammarian.
Hey, wait.

I missed my blog's birthday.

A year of the scraps of paper

of my life...
When it rains,

it pours.

Today is Trouble Ticket Day.
"Readers Theatre"

is half right.

I ran Toastmasters elections

in half an hour.

Beat that, baby.

Plus, I'm not president any more.

I just received spam

about eliminating spam.


I let an it's/its mistake

go out in an email

to customers.

I am so chagrined.
What do you do,

at 4:40,

when you are *hungry*?

Must be my tape worm.
Ever ridden a motorcycle?

If you don't have

all that fancy gear,

what do you wear?

Aside from a helmet, of course.
Why do we congratulate

winners of door prizes?

It's not like they did anything.

is nothing like


Dang it.
Important communication tool

of our time: the mix tape.

Trying to compile one

that says the right things.

Trying to determine

the right things to say.
Predictions for 2003


just another example

of the writing

that keeps me coming back.
Assist my creative effort?

What are things that

experiencing once

makes you want more,

other than food?
Spent the day

at McKinney Falls

with a friend.
Oh, wait.

Maybe I do need to sleep.

But then I'd miss out on stuff!
I am on the balcony.

It has reached the hour

when the light is golden

and all the birds take flight.

Hello, New Year. I think I'll like you.
But I like palindromes.