Showdown at Unobtanium—for SCIENCE!

Hello, my fellow mad scientists. If you attended my talk at Showdown at Unobtanium, thank you for being part of a fantastic audience—the enthusiasm you fed back to me was infectious and inspiring. Make things and tell me about it!

Please join us at Polyglot Programmers of Austin,  our co-working study group for learning a new programming language (including your first). Breadboards are as welcome as keyboards. Also, I'll be there, happy to answer your Arduino questions.

Some details about my small robot friend, to amuse you. My costume was an homage to Agatha Clay (and her clank) of the Girl Genius comic book. I posted some pictures of the clank's construction process. What makes it fidget is a servo motor on its back, driven by an Arduino in my purse, running an Arduino sketch I wrote (source code).

You might appreciate the Nerd Nite wrapup from the last time I spoke on this topic. There are useful links in there, pertinent to the presentation you saw at the Showdown, specifically the slide deck that contains links to resources for learning more.

Some of you talked to me about presenting to your students at your schools. Yes, please! Get in touch.

Thanks for being awesome. Make fantastic things.