Jon won the Division-level
Tall Tales contest!
On to the District, baby.
The best things in life
are blogged.
I'm in one of my moods again.
I'm slavering over TextPattern, TextDrive,
and Blogger-for-NaNoWriMo.
And I still want to make a skeksis.
Halloween Unpreparedness Anxiety.
Maybe I should be a ninja.
I know I live in Texas,
and I know the electoral college makes it moot,
but I've got a voice,
and I got a real charge out of using it:
I voted!
(Texas has no-excuses-required early voting.)
Parents arrive tonight.
is not to be
trifled with.
MYST 4 is...

My neighbor's a trumpet player.
He's warming up.
It's kinda cool.
Makes me want to join in.
Laurie Anderson was really cool.
Insight of the evening:
Stuttering happens at the beginning
because it is a fear of the beginning.
By the time we get to the end,
it's too late to be afraid.
I might even put this in my sidebar:
Mount St. Helens webcam.
I watched the sun rise this morning.
The Royal Tenenbaums really impressed me.
It told its story the way that books I like tell their stories. It felt like Visual Michael Chabon.
Scenes are composed like paintings. Color is a tool.
There is not a wasted frame of celluloid. A person's entire story is transmitted directly into your brain with a shot that lasts bare seconds.
The family in the story is so broken and weird that they're just like you.
It's not that the movie is funny and poignant;
it's that every moment is funny and poignant.
Gosh, you know?
Everything just got better.