At the upcoming Dillo Con,

it might be time to ask

Warren Spector

if he's still offering.

It would sure be different, anyway.

Sailed through every green

on the way to work this morning.

Better question:

For how many days

will I keep typing

the old password?
How many times today

will I type the old password?

Email sigs in a dropdown list;

stepping into a new personality.
Friday 5, briefly.

1. 2/29/00.

2. Recap of pre-blog; new vocab.

3. What's up; Phlebotomy; this.

4. B; tempted to roll my own.

5. I read to keep up with friends.
Theme party ideas:

Jellical Ball

Victorian parlor games

Ice-cream buffet
Ah ha! Google knows all.

Why that "stay or go" song

always sounds like "The Globe":

Same front-man,

one sampling the other.

(Guess which I heard first.)
40% of these "pieces"

should be left justified.

Yet here, it's 10%.

Odds are weird.
Pissed at Toastmasters

and all I gotta do,

I ask Merriam-Webster's

for a word of the day.

Longanimity. Heh.

Huge, scrolling, gas station sign

on the highway to San Antonio:




Oh, wait. Diesel. Right.
So he says,

"I'm in Texas!

Come visit!"

Sheesh. Yankees.

(It was so worth the drive.)
10/1/02 CIO Magazine:

"[People we've selected]"

excel through the

"masterful application of

20/20 vision."


20/20 is just average.
If it's gotta be male,

I wouldn't mind if it were

this guy.

have you?
A compromise

with unexpected results:

In my decaf Earl Grey tea,

the cinnamon non-dairy creamer

is surprisingly wonderful.
Scott McCloud,

rather irresponsibly,

named his children

Winter and Sky.

Sky McCloud?

Is that inspired, or cruel?

For a movie,

Minority Report

is really enjoyable sci-fi.

I'm impressed.
Hello to my friends in .

(Cute trick found on

Getting my inbox down to 30

was so short-lived.

Dave... Ellen...

An improvement over Steven?

Given the way y'all keep asking me

for explanations for Steven,

I'd expect so.
Here are the folks I met last night:



Prentiss Riddle,

and blogless Rob.

And Jon was there, too.
Note to self:

do this.
Hallo, MeetUP friends.

Cool discussion last night.

Web trends, electronic music, writing,

in a hip coffee bar with bubble tea:

I felt very Aughts.
From years ago,

a quote that lingers in my memory:

"Aw, piss.

I tore my cheese cloth."


it's about

finding how you fit,

and yes,

Finally. Finally!


An on-line quiz that doesn't say

I am boring and old.

That's Little Miss Naughty

to you, buster.

I am so pathetic.

Marxist puns.

Or, rather, puns about Marxism.

Or, um, whatever.
I am wearing

my kitty hat.
Rock climbing (in a gym)

last Saturday.

I feel so studly.

Or is that sore?

So many of my blogs aren't publishing.

I'd thought I had too many,

but now I miss them.
I probably don't need

to point this out,

but I have very silly friends.
Scrapbooking my wedding photos,

reliving beautiful events.

What are you doing

if your document contains section

...Creating software specs

inspired by Microsoft processes,

Comfort food

of the new millennium:

Decaf Earl Grey tea,

soy-based creamer.
A little brown-green gekko

greeted me this morning.

"Sometimes fate

looks like

a dirigible."

Dumb but funny,

posted just for Meeker:

Military no-nos.

Re #128: Yay!
Overheard in my Texas cubicle farm:

"Yeah, we did some fireworks."

"You ever try the, uh,

artillery shells?"

Zen and the art of

web design
Former manager leapt into my cube,

clapped me on the back,

"Been hearing such

good things about you!"

and was gone.

*blink blink*

A philosophy of punctuation,

shared around amongst readers

of this blog.

Now I'm all hot.

Comments system

seems to be off-line.

Problem is on their end.
Etiquette question:

A co-worker just asked to borrow

my $900 digital camera

for two weeks

in Germany.

Mrr?! Is it okay to say no?

The walkway between buildings

is flooded up over my ankles.

Good thing I have extra shoes.
And this makes four.

Secret Agent Man
My kitty hat

was delivered last night!

I imagine pictures will be up soon.

I'll let you know.
Flash-flood warning around town.

What do you do

about a flash-flood warning?

I am so unprepared.
Hm. I don't think I conveyed

what I meant,

on 600 seconds today.

It's the diary of a man

with no short-term memory.

First heard about it on PBS,

like, a decade ago.
Having a pretty effective day.


Not much new here.