How to Poach an Egg Without Specialty Tools

I got to talking on Twitter (as you do) with Garann and Cecy about that most satisfying of snacks, the poached egg. They lamented the hassle and the need for weird tools (molds and frames and whatnot). I offered an alternative.

I've made a study and a practice of the poaching of eggs, and I've got it down. I also don't use anything more exotic than a slotted spoon. This wisdom is harvested from Alton Brown, The Joy of Cooking, Martha Stewart, daytime television, lots of experimentation, and my dear friend Adam, who cooked eggs Benedict for me on a New Year's Day in someone else's co-op in Boston, using a rapidly melting plastic cup as a poaching mold.

Photos and step-by-step instructions are all on Flickr: How to Poach an Egg
Poached egg

Sorry for the delay, ladies. I had to wait until I wanted an egg and cleaned the stove.

How about you: other tips for eggcellence?