While yummy,

Schlotzky smoothies

are not as good

as Panda smoothies.
Woo, so I feel clever.


No, sir,

I just don't know.
The moveable light sign


"All left lanes

must turn left,"

and we are enlightened.
Project Managers

who bring you chocolate

from Germany

are O.K.
You know your barista's name:

You're friendly.

Your barista knows your name:

You have a problem.
Toastmasters contest went great.

Better than great!

Thanks to all my helpers.

Ana update:

Still stuck.

Two days and counting.

Still don't know the words.

I blame Faith.
If I'm reading this right,

this is chocolate-covered yogurt.

Those wacky Germans.

Ana Ng is stuck in my head,

and I don't know the words.
My dad's proud of me.
Nicole Kidman asks me:

Why live life

from dream to dream,

and dread the day

when dreaming ends?
A metaphor:

A friend gave me a plant.

In my care, it died.

But it had a sprig of clover in it.

I continue to water the soil.

The clover thrives.
Big Village reminds me:

She had a job

in the land of the free.

She had oceans of money

and islands of things.

It's like trying to breathe

with your head underground.

You try to forget

but you know in your heart:

It's the river,

goes on and on and on.

Thus ends

Jon And Sharon Week.

But every week

is Jon And Sharon Week.

We should get more

holiday time, though.
Rule 5 says

"When others comment

asking to be interviewed,

you will ask them five questions."

So, y'know, as you will.
5. The right answer?


But I use plastic.

4. Take a mysterious,

squishy thing,

and define it,

own it,

know it.
3. When the topic is

manners, clothes, or brisket:

a Texan.

Politics, religion, ecology,

Mardi Gras, or chicken fried steak?

2. Can I come over

to your place?
1. "Smart is sexy."

It preceded a first kiss,

so I married him.
Fred is playing a game.

It has rules; I'm short on space.

He posted 'em there.

And I'm so far unable

to track this to its source.

But let's do this Johnny Carson style...
Straw poll:

"Oversight" --

when you oversee,

or when you overlook?

*gnash gnash*
The grass is so green

the sidewalk is envious.
Party leftovers:

soft corn tortilla,

sticks of monterey jack,

peach salsa,

roll up and nuke for a minute.

Unexpected yum!
It's still sage advice:

Don't quit

before breakfast.

But I've eaten now...
Geek love:

"We make quite a pair."

"Like John and John."
A lifetime

and a heartbeat:

Two years of marriage.
Things I didn't know:

Warren Spector

plays a rockin' guitar.
Y'know what?

It's been too long.
I think I succeed

in spite of myself.

on the drive to and from,

to King Missile,

none of which

is appropriate

to hum in business meetings.

Day 10: No Caffeine.

Not... going... to... make it.

Give me strength.
I made enchiladas!

They were yummy.

I miss Mom, though.

drag even slower

when there's a mommy

in your apartment.