It's time for another Good Idea / Bad Idea.
Good Idea: (ka-click)
Taking the Sherbie on a date.
Bad Idea: (ka-click)
Pelting the Sherbie with dates.
I did it!
I got my 183 picture
added to the In Numerical Order pool.
I feel like I have my brain back.
We're home!
Pictures of Pennsylvania
Given that
the internet knows everything,
the internet is for porn,
we can finally prove
that smart is sexy.
last freakin' test
I created a Google Group
for the Dieruff Class of 93.
If that's relevant to you,
help spread the word, please.
We also have a website,
although "have a url"
is probably more accurate right now.
Note to self:
Set deadline, send note.
Jeff as TM.
Frank as test speaker.
So I, uh,
did something
this weekend.