People ask me
(and by "people,"
I mean "Toastmasters")
why I think the District Conference
isn't worth the price of admission.
I'll put it for you plainly:
If I'm spending 100 bucks for a con,
I'm damn well going to be
meeting Neil Gaiman at it.
And just like that,
a long weekend evaporates.
I am so back in the office.
My husband is crazy-
good at Flash games.
This has to be
good for something,
doesn't it?
After a touch more margarita
than was quite good for me,
we got to talking
about crazy moms,
and how not-crazy mine is.
I ought to call her,
thank her,

I effused.
Then I realized:
Holy crap,
I almost drunk-called my mom.
We filled out the project-tracking tool
(my tool).
We presented our findings.
We made a difference.
I've got a yellow belt
in process improvement.
If nothing ever
lasts forever,
tell me,
what's forever for?
I've added a
Yahoo calendar,
so you can see how busy I am.
The software's kinda fun.
Spider-Man, Spider-Man...
Dude, Spider-Man 2 was awesome.
Very human, developed characters,
and a sympathetic villian!
Of course,
Michael Chabon contributed.
Some things degrade over time.
Some things
are just not as good
as you remember them.
Quantum Leap
is not some things.
Why I/T people
don't wear dresses:
Nowhere to hang the support pager.