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Added some photos of our

on-a-whim trip to the

Hobby-Eberly Telescope,

last Labor Day.
Posted some slightly older

photos of the new Udvar-Hazy Center

of the National Air and Space Museum.

You can't fit the whole Concord

in one frame.
"Everybody says, 'Join our religion

to get to Heaven.'

I say, 'No, thanks.

Why, bless my soul,

I'm already there.'"

Oh, bliss.

At this moment,

I am sitting in a LoveSac,

in my living room,

with (at last!) internet restored.

It doesn't get any better, baby.
Spent yesterday at a ball game.

Sunburned my knees.

Overcast and pleasant all day.

Had a nice time with my co-workers.
Tuesday's Wildlife Spotting:


hop, hop, hop...
Reading an Agatha Christie novel,

playing sleuth along with Poirot,

and referred to attached

documents and clues,

one realizes certain limitations

in ebooks.
I rode the bus!

All by myself!

Just like...

a kid.

Funny how these things

come full circle.
New post,

using Blogger-powered comments.
Wildlife report from Whispering Creek:

another snail,

an anole,

and a gecko.
Closing in 11.2 hours!

A homeowner!


At the Bank of America to make a deposit,

getting waited on by a person

was considerably faster

(and pleasanter)

than using an ATM.

Changes are afoot.

I've finally gotten my act together

and will be moving this blog

back onto my own space.

To keep current with my wanderings,

please use to find me.
So I, uh,

changed a few things.
Describe your ideal job.