How bizarre.
I went in three bookstores last night
and didn't buy anything.
(That they didn't have what I wanted
is beside the point.)
On Christmas,
I saw a group of homeless people,
with a cookfire and a tarp,
camped out across the parking lot
from a "luxury boarding" kennel for dogs.
Something needs to change.
We took a
around Town Lake today.
Day at the lake
plus a soy mocha
plus an Alphasmart
equals 5,227 words.
Oh, holy cow.
I baked!
Lots and lots of bread.
And it came out great.
This is, like,
a New Sherbie,
or something.
Estudio el español.
¿Hablan ustedes?
I like reading funny blogs.
They get funny comments.
I want to have a funny blog.
Hey. You.
Make with the funny.
Frost on the grass this morning.