Seven hours

'til rock climbing.
Burritos that don't leak

rock the Casbah.

Woe shared by speaker phone...

Oh, you poor person.

If you'd let it dry out completely

before attempting to turn it on,

it might have worked again.
Project Idea:

content, navigated with "go east,"

"go up."

Not a game; exploratory literature.

Like, "Let me show you my house,"

or "My Brain."
Did I ever mention

the time I met Neil Gaiman?
The mighty wind,

if contained,

is naught but air.

(Inspired by Meg.)
Tee hee,

rock climber lingo.
Tweaked a hip

but flashed a pitch.

It was a good day.

Should I be concerned

that I prefer

Trident For Kids?
Met at the rock gym today:


I heart

the "Peter Gunn Theme,"

as performed by Art of Noise.

Wah-uhn wah-uhn wah-uhn wah-ah...

is not a verb.

Thank you.
Straw poll Jon was conducting:

In your opinion,

what are the 5 best

movie comedies since 1970?
Pelted by stones,

I thought the windows might break.

Hail storm at midnight.

Thunder and lightening, too.


is not a verb.

Thank you.
He climbs while I spot.

Then I climb while he spots.

Collaborative success.

Rock climbing as a metaphor

for marriage.
I'd rather be

rock climbing.
This week, three men here

have suddenly gone

yellow-flower blond.

Did I miss a memo?
You people know stuff like this:

Who composed and performed

the theme to Futurama?

Today's exercise:

Relinquishing control.
You can not put in enough

hazelnut non-dairy creamer

to make even a passable


Oh, how I suffer.
What work is like:

Went grocery shopping

to calm down.
Opened the sun roof this morning.

New movie forming in my mind,

The Story of a Man,

set to the Beatles One album.

I have your Christmas present.

(Wait long enough,

and it's early.)

I sent you mail.

I miss you!

Write me, baby.
There's another blog

on my list.

They're breeding.
They like me.

They really like me.

Or my web work, anyway,

which is good enough.
I wrote a piece of JavaScript,

and it worked on the first try.

Who knew?
I'm behind.

Of course.

Think fast,

programmery thoughts at me.
Where could I find

an elegant chess clock

(analog, windup, wood)?

Thanks, ever so.
I'd always thought

Texas wouldn't have

a flu season.

Revisiting some fond memories:

My parents' big Texas visit

I hate typos I can't fix.
Once again,

proving that I am special:

I blue-screened WinXP.
Code snippet, found today:

End If

' End Hack