If you can't say anything nice...

...you don't update your blog.
I love estimating software task durations.
And by "love," I mean not.
Zelda looks lonely.
I want another zebra.
We are so frail.
Sometimes I wonder
if everything isn't
just a little
fiction in my head.
Such the solipsist.
I am developing
such a crush
on Patrick McGoohan.
I cooked!
Cornbread from scratch,
and chicken with sauteed onions and garlic.
I'm becoming
an entirely different person.
Last night,
I was Lawn-Care-Destructo-Sherbie.
Very odd, this home-owning shtick.
Fell into a Home Depot fugue.
Saved myself
only by chanting,
"Get a hacksaw and get out.
Get a hacksaw and get out."
After hearing about it all over the net,
I finally had an opportunity to listen to
Eric Idle's FCC song.
He's my hero.
Evening wildlife report:
twitterpated butterflies,
a displaying anole,
and a hummingbird.