Cube-dwelling etiquette question for you:
When two generally
(and often specifically)
irritating people
yell over the wall to each other
with a question that neither can answer,
should you:
a) walk over and politely volunteer the answer,
b) join in their charming low-tech conference call,
c) keep your peace, since ignorance is bliss and they don't really want to know anyway,
or d) tell them to shut the fuck up because some of us are trying to work and already know how to use our damn email program?
Just wondering.
If you can't say anything nice... don't update your blog.
I love estimating software task durations.
And by "love," I mean not.
Zelda looks lonely.
I want another zebra.
We are so frail.
Aah! It gets worse!
"Devil Went Down To Georgia" Phone Man
is now
"Son of a Preacher Man" Phone Man.
There will be blood.
Oh, yes.
Sometimes I wonder
if everything isn't
just a little
fiction in my head.
Such the solipsist.
I am developing
such a crush
on Patrick McGoohan.
I cooked!
Cornbread from scratch,
and chicken with sauteed onions and garlic.
I'm becoming
an entirely different person.
Last night,
I was Lawn-Care-Destructo-Sherbie.
Very odd, this home-owning shtick.
Fell into a Home Depot fugue.
Saved myself
only by chanting,
"Get a hacksaw and get out.
Get a hacksaw and get out."
is not a...
After hearing about it all over the net,
I finally had an opportunity to listen to
Eric Idle's FCC song.
He's my hero.
Evening wildlife report:
twitterpated butterflies,
a displaying anole,
and a hummingbird.
Toastmasters Benefit #7926:
The cute boy at work
that I see every day
on his motorcycle
when I leave
just joined our club.
He hates "basically," too.
Software Estimation, A Parable
Question: If it takes one woman nine months to have a baby, how long will it take two women?
Woman's Answer: Nine months.
Manager's Answer: 4.5 months.
Developer's Answer: 12 months, since she's a junior developer. (Get it? Junior Developer? Ha!)
Executive's Answer: Can't we outsource that?