and my damn script works.


Yesterday was a big day.
I am now

an Advanced Toastmaster, Bronze.

You may all address me as

"My Lady."

*blink blink*

Who blithely picks up the phone

to call Austin

from China?

A corollary to live by:

Any technology

distinguishable from magic

is insufficiently advanced.

from the Jargon Lexicon

The web's gone quiet.

Too quiet.
It's my anniversary!

Two years at Dell.
Stealing an idea from Ben,

which he stole from a book,

I give you:

600 seconds
Ben offers a writing exercise.

Let's collect entries,

and I'll find a place to post them.

(Ben's blog is a definite candidate.)
"If you look down,

you don't kick as high."


Install done!


and early.
Cross your fingers for me.

Install, tonight.
Words to live by

from my soda bottle:

*blink blink*

Beethoven.com is playing

"Stairway to Heaven,"

as performed by the London Philharmonic.

And it's great.
Oh, the Cyndi Lauper dress (below)

was made by Natosha

for the Toastmasters prom.