Trying something new,

in yet another attempt

to shuck spam:

sherbie at

that game company domain.
Another reason to love Austin:

The price of membership

at I Love Video is $2.50


cutting up your Blockbuster card.
I Love Video

has Dangermouse episodes

for rent!
Sat by the waterfront,

drank coffee,

pecked at a novel.

More days off,

Took a nap


in shorts


Weather is so odd.
Took yesterday off.

Read, wrote,

ate pumpkin pie in my pajamas.


You there.

Hug someone you love,

and be thankful that you can.
I have to write

my self-assessment.

Can you tell?


I wonder if this

is the Alex I know.

I so need to get back to work.
This is so petty.

Filtering by Austin,

sorting by wordcount, descending

I'm on the first page!

And my friend Marshall

is third. Wow.
The question is,

should I start a livejournal

just to post novel excerpts?
2149 words today.

4-and-a-half hours.

Neil Gaiman uses the

same kind of notebook I do!

I'm a real writer!
Checking your wordcount

after every paragraph

is like weighing yourself

every day.
Wrote 1,700+ words yesterday.


Took four hours. Hm.