to heck with it.

Let's go grocery shopping.
cold + rainy

= sleeeeeeepy.

Anyone have use for a

sleepy Sherbie?
Jon and I had the best vacation!

We saw the sights

in our own home town.

Relaxing, fun, restorative.


is not a verb.



No complaints...
I got a paper-cut

with the cover of a 3-ring binder.

I am wounded!
But my code is done.

My code is done.
I slept for 8.5 hours last night.


Ah, bliss...
I'm in disbelief.

Code has been locked down.

Someone's installing my files

into the test environment

Right Now!
Or, rather,

I feel like I did

when I was in college.
I feel like I'm in college.
SELECT blog_post FROM stuff_to_say

WHERE content NOT IN



no results found.
For a radical change of pace,

I came into work today.


tell me a joke or something,

It's Sunday again, so

Final Count:


'Course, I'm still here...
For those following along at home:

Hours worked since Sunday:

It seemed like a good idea:

In a glass of Coke-a-Cola,

non-dairy creamer

sits on top of the foam

and won't dissolve.
Because I am morbidly curious:

Hours worked since Sunday:

Got to the top of the

vertical wall!

(With a little help from my friend.)
That Beatles song,

"Eight Days a Week"

makes sense now.

Hours worked since Sunday: 56.
If I could just get over

this silly addiction to sleep...

I'm going cold turkey.
The end is in sight.

And I mean that

in a good way.
But I did

work out

again today!
Terrible habits:

I've got some kind of mental block

against eating the last dregs

of whatever's on my plate.
You only have to sign in

after hours.

The security guard

remembered my name.

On the up-side,

I am learning tons.
*blink blink*

What genius!

Prevent multiple submits

by making the on-click event

first disable the "submit" button.

It's what the YACCS code does.
There's no typo

like a typo etched in glass.

Worked out at the gym over lunch!

Then had left-over steak.

Portable computers

can be left behind.

Something strange has happened.

All of the 11s were too big.

The 10s fit.

I have shoes.