my script fu

is not so 133t.
I can feel

all of my clothes.

Yesterday I was called

"anal" and "opinionated"

(by two different people),

and they were both compliments.
In case you're wondering,

all I do

is attend meetings

Master and Commander

has really cool ships.

Dress warmly, though.
I have new shoes,

and I can't tell you how happy

this makes me.

Oooh, comfy shoes!
Sci-fi slang prediction:

In the future,

we'll say something is

"worth the download"

or "worth the bandwidth."
Emotional health barometer:

I've started reading

the Narnia Chronicles again.
Given how breakfast tacos

approximate the perfect food,

it's rather amazing

they haven't made it up north.
Do you think

these posts

are getting longer?
How unexpected.

Found a kindred spirit at work.

"You know what gets me lately?"

he asks.

"Effectivity," I think.

"Effectivity!" he says. "What about


And I have a new friend.
Stereo quits. ABS light comes on.

Sharon checks manual,

resigns herself to a trip to the shop,

turns stereo off and on.

Stereo quits. ABS light turns off.

Okay, if you had

an iTunes gift certificate,

what would you get?