Aunt Joanne put me onto the idea of a family website. I'm psyched. Ideas I've had so far are:

  • password-protected page of real-world contact info

  • links for email and personal websites

  • posting of Granddad's monthly newsletter

  • weblog for which we are all members

  • photo album

  • gift registry application, if I can get database access from somewhere (Dad?)

  • space to host individuals' pages under the domain name

I intend to get an account or use part of my 300Mb with, which is $10/month (good service, gang! Quick response on tech support, too.). And I also plan to register through for $17/year (less if you sign up for more years). (I think I'll snag one for myself, too.)

I'm so pumped. This is neat. I should be able to make some headway on this on Saturday, after I book travel reservations for the reunion.

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