I watched Yellow Submarine for the first time, yesterday. I feel properly part of this culture now. I've been humming Beatles songs since 6:00 this morning.

Also yesterday, as part of our well earned Slug Day, we watched Watership Down, a faithful adaptation of the book, and The Emperor's New Groove, which we enjoyed quite a bit, in spite of ourselves. It really is cute, believe it or not. And we all know how I feel about the Disney corporation.

My mother completely disregarded my advice this weekend and once again failed to see Shrek and instead went to...Can you believe this? Tomb Raider. She claims it was my father's choice, which, knowing how he feels about the bold and the bountiful, is entirely plausible, but I still feel betrayed.

Wedding Update: For those who are haranguing me, go organize your own damn wedding. But anyway, invitations are nearly compiled. All that is left is addressing (twice, since you have to do the stupid dual-envelope thing), stuffing, and stamping. The gift registry is at Cichelli.Net, but the only deployed piece is the login screen. Processing of gifts still needs to be developed; I just have to find a bit more time.

Man, I tell you whut. I am so worked up, stressed out, and pissed off about this whole thing that I can't even think about it without swearing. I just want to have a party. Just a party, dammit. It will be fine, fine, fine. Whatever you're wearing, whatever you're bringing, whatever color lampshade you will put on your head at the reception will be JUST FINE. Quit asking me.

Why have we allowed our culture to turn a celebration of love into a huge, irritating hassle?

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