How to Talk to I/T

So, you've been given the dreaded missive, "Go ask I/T." Well, here are Sharon's handy tips for getting along with the programmer in your life.

  1. You're allowed to ask for a feature that sounds tough to create. Challenge is good, and new ideas are better.

  2. Tell us (and our managers) when we do something you like, too. We are people, and praise is remembered when you submit your next request.

  3. Do not preface your support requests with, "For some strange reason..." You know and I know that it is either a bug in the code, a problem with the network, or a mistake by the user. Just ask your question, already.

  4. Don't suggest how the code should do what you want it to do. We know how to program.

  5. Look at the prototype more than three days before the release date. Heck, let's go wild and say more than a month before.

  6. We don't like business jargon any more than you like technical jargon. Let's hear it for simple, clear writing!

  7. Remember that our success is directly tied to your success. Why would we want to make a product you don't like? Think of this relationship as a partnership.

  8. Feeding your programmer chocolate makes for tighter code and faster response times. This programmer, anyway.

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