Posted some slightly older

photos of the new Udvar-Hazy Center

of the National Air and Space Museum.

You can't fit the whole Concord

in one frame.


Faith said...

*wipes drool from keyboard*

I'm going to get to actually fly in one of these this week! Without the pontoons though, as pictured in the middle-right background of another one of your shots.

Sharon said...

You are? Really? Wow. Double wow. You'll have to tell me about it then.

mews said...

The Air and Space museum up here in Seattle is pretty sweet. They acquired a Concorde recently, and you can board it as well as an out of service Air Force One. There is also the original Boeing barn factory which is pretty cool. The Museum is on Boeing Field, which has its own runway and a place to park your plane. Check it out.

Also I have started a little personal blog, which you can access via my blogger profile. I seem to have two listings, one as mews and one as margaret. Only one of them has a profile though. I know so little of this medium, that it will take a while before I can link or post photos, but I hope to do so soon.

Faith said...

Thanks for the tip! I've been ogling Boeing Field... do you know if you need permission to land there, or if it's open to general aviation aircraft? If I thought I could just drop in for an afternoon, check out the museum, and sleep in my own bed that night... Oh, I'd be there every weekend!

Sharon said...

Bother. Mews, since the "mews" account is valid and the full-name one is not used, I removed the full-name one from 600seconds and 600+. However, those blogs dropped off your profile. I'm not sure where wires crossed. Since you had withdrawn, I suppose it isn't a big deal, but I wanted you to know it was a clerical/technical glitch.

mews said...
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