Currently reading
Don't Know Much About History.
Highly recommended.
Covers U.S. history from Columbus to Dubya,
stitching those vague scraps
you gleaned from high-school football coaches
onto a cohesive tapestry.


Meeker said...

I love it when people like the books i recommend! Try "Don't Know Much About the Bible". It's a great read too.

Sharon said...

I'm thinking about the Bible one, since, y'know, I don't.

The history book is dispiriting. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Like, manufacturing a war that is pretending to "liberate a country" but actually serves our own commercial interests. Iraq? Sure, but also Cuba, the Phillipines, and Panama. (And I'm only up to 1907, so I expect we'll see more of this...)

Meeker said...

He who ignores history is...blah blah blah. She who studies is doomed to live in a country where the look at all the crap we did previously and think "Hey! That worked the last time."
The Bible one is good for the comedy factor, if nothing else.

Meeker said...

Loving the high school football coach comment, by the way. At least you didn't learn the scientific method from a wrestling coach, ok?