In an attempt to make our 3-hour department-wide meetings more palatable, the organizers send trivia questions ahead of time, and hold a drawing for restaurant gift certificates amongst the right answers during the meeting. (The only way to make these meetings more palatable is to make them shorter. Anything that does not make them shorter is not "fun," but "annoying." Shorter. Just shorter.) Yes, we are asked trivia questions without a time limit (except, I suppose, "Friday") while sitting in front of internet connections to Google. Don't think on it too hard.

Today I received the following emails, sent to every member of the department:
11:15 am (Department Admin): What was General Phil Sheridan's horse's name?
11:30 am (Department Employee): Old Rienzi
11:31 am (Same Department Employee): Sorry my bad


Anonymous said...

For the last few meetings like that I have either taken class notes to study or a sketch book. Long meetings produce odd results. :) Think of them trying to enhance your creativity as your brain strains not to destroy itself from boredom.

You still haven't seen my hot tub.

Meeker said...

That was like a drive-by.
Information,information,HOT TUB, information.
tee hee

Sharon said...

I was amused that the comment was "anonymous." As if.

You can invite me for blue waffles and hottubbing any time, Frank.

Meeker said...

I'm right with that as well, Frank.