Rude Awakening #743:
There is no garden
in Garden Ridge.


Fred said...

Is there at least a ridge?

Hey, we live in a country where *New Jersey* is the Garden State. It's a wacky world.

Sharon said...

No ridge. Just a store full of plastic crap and one creepy-ass talking snowman.

MisterNihil said...

But there is a Wal at Wal-Mart. Funny, huh?

MisterNihil said...

PS. I wondered where my fnording neighbors were getting their creepy ass talking snowmen. Now I know. Garden Ridge Pottery.
Also, if you need a good local garden store, I can suggest a couple around. Lemme know. I haven't heard from you in a while anyway, although that's more my fault than yours.

jal said...

I thought I'd mentioned this earlier, but apparently I hadn't.

Sharone was so upset by the lack of, "garden," that she was ready to rampage on some poor weekend wage-slave high-schooler. I had to bodily guide her out of the store.

If I hadn't been there to do so, I shudder to think about what may have happened. I bet it'd've made local paper – perhaps even the evening news.

Sharon said...

He makes me sound so unreasonable.

There was a certain note of hysteria in his voice when he said, "I'll *make* you touch a live plant." (He couldn't.)